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BY DESIGN TRAVEL AND EVENTS LLC is a company dedicated to creating lasting family memories and experiences, one vacation at a time. Imagine being able to get away with your family without the stress of trying to plan a vacation that fits everyone's needs. Now, imagine being able to go where you want to go, and see what you want to see with the ones you love, even on a limited budget. We can make your family's vacation dreams a reality. With payment plans and flexibility that can accommodate anyone's budget.

Have a group of your friends that want to travel? Or how about a social group/ church group? We can even help plan your bachelor/ bachelorette party away. We will help you design your experience of a lifetime. We will help you pre-arrange and setup all of your activities for the entire trip!

Our knowledgeable travel agents specialize in group travel and will make sure that your family or group gets the most out of every special vacation moment. Whether you have infants, toddlers, teenagers, senior citizens, all adult group or a combination of all of them, we can help direct you to the best location, resort, hotel or cruise that fits into your budget and needs.

Call or request a quote for more information.

Family Travel
Corporate Travel
Social Groups
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