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Summer Destinations


Historic landmarks – from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Rome's ancient ruins, Europe combines history and beautiful cities across a diverse continent. A wide variety of destinations to match any traveler's tastes, including England, Spain, Italy, Germany and many more. Year round appeal. Uniqueness – European attractions are found nowhere else, from iconic landmarks to Mediterranean beaches.12,000 Funjet hotels in the most popular destinations and in more exotic locations. 

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With miles of vast open spaces, here one can experience an abundance of wild life encounters from traditional walking safaris to exhilarating game drives. The country's spectacular natural waterways provide a playground for everything from an adrenaline pumping activity to a leisurely family outing.

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Rich cultural experiences and history dating back thousands of years. Great adventure opportunities such as paragliding, kayaking and hiking. Limitless urban options with breathtaking temples and palaces. Incredibly beautiful landscapes ranging from snow-capped mountains to lush jungles and turquoise water beaches. A truly exotic experience – ideal for those who want to experience a place that’s completely new and exciting..

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Alaska is truly the last frontier. A land where caribou outnumber people, sunlight shines at midnight and mountains rise out of the sea. This last frontier still boasts pristine landscapes, majestic wildlife and North America's tallest mountain – Mount McKinley. Beyond Alaska's fortress-like glacier walls lie treasured national parks and abundant wildlife. Plus with more than 1,400 miles north to south and 2,400 miles east to west, it's truly, a land of epic proportions.

Luxury Travel 


Allow yourself to indulge in what the world has to offer. Stay and do things you wouldn't normally do sparing no expense to enjoy your time away from work and home. Visit the Eastern Mediterranean, take a river cruise with a panoramic view in your cabin seeing Europe. 

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